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and B R O W S

Eyebrow Wax / Thread


A classic treatment, for a tidy and shape choose our eyebrow wax or thread. £9 (15 Minutes)

Eyebrow Tint *


The perfect partner to an eyebrow wax / thread to give that extra definition. £8 (15 Minutes) 

Eyelash Tint *


Give your lashes some added definition with an eyelash tint. £13 (15 Minutes)  

Perfect Brows *


This is a brow designing treatment using step by step techniques to get the perfect brows for you. 'The Perfect Brow' treatment includes mapping your brows, tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming. £22 (30 Minutes)


Brow Lamination *  

Brow lamination is a treatment to give your brows a more uniformed look. Your brow artist will set your brows into a new shape, creating arches, extend tails taking unruly brows and creating the latest ‘fluffy’ brow look. Your brows will stay in place for up to 8 weeks with correct aftercare! £32 (45 Minutes)

Hybrid Brows *

Stain hybrid brow dye is a combination of rich pigment payoff of henna with the ease and speed of tinting. The cutting edge formula using the famous 'Brow Code stain' is key to creating bold, striking brows that don't just turn heads but command attention.  £28 (45 Minutes)

Lash Lift With Tint *


The best alternative to lash extensions! LVL is a lash technique that gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes with no mascara needed! This treatment lasts up to 6 weeks. (Treatment also includes a lash tint) £45 (60 Minutes)

Classic Lash Extensions *


Also known as one to one lash treatments. One light weight lash is placed on one natural lash. This adds definition, length and curl. Full Set £49 / Classic Infills £22 

Hybrid Lash Extensions *


This lash technique is a blend of classic and volume lashes to give you the best of both lashes! The volume will add thickness whilst the classic will keep your lashes looking more natural. Full Set £59 / Hybrid Infills £27

Volume Lash Extensions *


These will add volume, length and curl using lightweight handmade fans giving you the fluffiest lashes for more of a dramatic look. Full Set £69 / Volume Infills £32


Mini infills  * (30 Minutes)

Classic - £13

Hybrid - £15

Volume - £18

Lash Removal *

£15 ( 30 Minutes)


* This treatment requires a skin test at least 48 hours before the treatment is carried out. A separate skin test is required for lash extensions / tinting and Lash lifts.   

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